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bgi /护理 graduation medallions

Extended Opportunity 项目 & 服务(bgi)


The Extended Opportunity 项目 and 服务(bgi) Office, located on the second floor of the Center for 学生的成功 building (CSS) on BC's main campus, offers several programs that provide additional assistance for 九游会登录入口 students to succeed in college. For more information about any of our programs, email us at


Extended Opportunity 项目 and 服务(bgi) is a state funded program that serves educationally and financially disadvantaged students. bgi的 provides services that assist students who have the potential to succeed in college. 

bgi的感兴趣? 请检查 bgi的 Eligibility Requirements.


The Cooperative Agencies 资源 for Education (护理) Program promotes  students' success by offering specialized services to bgi的 students who are single parents receiving public assistance (CalWORKs/TANF).

感兴趣的护理? 请检查 护理 Eligibility Requirements.


CalWORKs (California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Children) is California's Welfare plan in response to Federal TANF (Temporary Aid to Needy Families) Program.

CalWORKs感兴趣? 请检查 CalWORKs Eligibility Requirements.


BC is currently recruiting former and current foster youth to apply to our BC NextUp program. You must be former or current foster youth after your 16th birthday and enrolled in 9 units at BC. 如果符合条件, services include book voucher, 咨询服务, 优先注册, 餐券, 运输援助, 和更多的.

To sign up for an appointment with NextUp or find out more information about resources, 奖助金, and emergency housing assistance, 接触追逐阿摩司, the Educational Advisor for NextUp, via our bgi的 virtual lobby. If you do not have internet or webcam access, you may 接触追逐阿摩司 at , or 追逐 For proof of dependency, contact the California Foster Care Ombudsperson’s office at 1-.


的名字 位置 电子邮件 语音电话 位置
Imelda Simos-Valdez Executive Director, Categorical 项目 总统 (661) 395-4351
CSS 182
玛丽亚巴尔 Program Director, Categorical 项目 玛丽亚 (661) 395-4955
玛赛拉Gamino 程序经理,AB 540 & 无证学生 Program 玛赛拉 (661) 395-4351
CSS 194
帕特里夏·拉米雷斯 Program Manager, Categorical 项目 帕特丽夏 (661) 395-4238
CSS 195
Ashlie洛佩兹 部门技术人员 (661) 395-4348
玛丽亚·罗哈斯 Department Assistant III, bgi的/NextUp/CalWORKs/SSJV Cal-SOAP 玛丽亚 (661) 395-4957
CSS二楼 Reception Area
的名字 位置 电子邮件 语音电话 位置
追逐阿摩司 Educational Advisor, bgi的/Next Up 追逐 (661) 395-4952
CSS 193
拉斐尔Centeno Educational Advisor, bgi的/AB540/USP 拉斐尔 (661) 395-3591
CS 195
阿玛尼埃尔南德斯 Educational Advisor, bgi /护理/CalWORKs 阿曼 (661) 395-4830
Alejandra "Olly" Lopez Beltran Educational Advisor, bgi的 (661) 395-3593
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凡妮莎贝尔 辅导员,bgi /照顾 凡妮莎 (661) 395-4920
CSS 181
曼纽尔罗萨斯 顾问,bgi的 (661) 395-4719
CSS 180
杰夫Stambook 顾问,bgi的 杰弗里 (661) 395-4323
CSS 179
当归Vasquez 顾问,bgi / CalWORKS 当归 (661) 395-4593
CSS 181
的名字 位置 电子邮件 语音电话 位置
Rene Deniz Adjunct Faculty, 顾问,bgi的 刘若英 (661) 395-4228
这阮 Adjunct Faculty, 顾问,bgi的 这 (661) 395-4995
伊莱亚斯Purmul Adjunct Faculty, 顾问,bgi的 伊莱亚斯 (661) 395-4867
佩德罗·拉米雷斯 Adjunct Faculty, 顾问,bgi的 佩德罗 (661) 395-4364
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